#LoveBombs & Events

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#LoveBombs are opportunities to come together to recognize, reward, and celebrate the small businesses, groups, and people who are serving our community in tough times.  So far, we’ve worked together to shower our business on local restaurants who are feeding Brevard during this public health crisis and are facing worsening economic conditions.

After our first #LoveBombBrevard event on March 20th, which supported Chez Quan’s in Melbourne, owner Adam Woodworth wrote on Facebook:

Man let me tell you about yesterday. You guys really really showed up and kicked our behinds. You know it’s busy when the whole kitchen is mad 😂😂😂. Thank you everyone involved in yesterday’s love bomb to us. I never even heard of it but know I vow to help y’all participate in doing this for other business’s every and any time. I can’t say enough how humbling it was. All we could do yesterday when the day was over was sit there quietly looking at each other like “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!” Lol. Love you all.

Our second #LoveBombBrevard even on March 20th rallied our members to patronize local pizzerias across Brevard, from Titusville to Palm Bay.

We’re already working on an upcoming #LoveBombBrevard event to send food to the medical heroes working in local hospitals in the coming weeks.  Join us on Facebook to make sure you join us, and make a donation via GoFundMe to help make it happen.


We’ll also create and share other events, like this  – so stay tuned here and in our Facebook group for more!! Click here to RSVP for the Space Coast Quarantine Fest Now.