GIVE NOW Over the past week, over 5,000 people across Brevard have come together because when life gets hard, we want to love harder.

Our hope is to offer aid to one another as we face this public health crisis, and to create possibilities for comfort, generosity, and even joy amid so much chaos.

Yesterday, I woke up to a note from a pregnant mother of two.  She wrote:

“Hey I’m a pregnant single mom of 3 kids one on the way, and we are really in need of some help with food today I do plan on riding the bus to take them to the school to get food tomorrow but we need something today is there anyone that can help us? Idk of I can ask in the group and kinda embarrassing.”

Another man wrote:

“Could we pick a restaurant next week, order food, and have it delivered to ER/ICU staff? It helps keep local businesses going *and* it shows gratitude to our health care workers.”

And the answer to both of those questions is yes, absolutely. We can do all of this and more if we pitch in.

All funds will be accounted for publicly and posted on our website and in our Facebook Group.

Let’s put away a little seed money so that when times get even tougher, we have what we need to get a few groceries, or love bomb the local ICU.

Just chip in what you can, if you can.

Are you in?